Thursday, December 2, 2010

Long Activities

The long activities were one of my favorite things we have done all semester.  It is really fun to see peoples different ideas about what other people may enjoy.  The food art was really interesting because I have never participated in anything that was like that.  It was cool how they incorporated emotions into it too, which allowed many different interpretations of that emotion.  It was exciting to see how others sculpted or formed their fruits and vegetables into different thing and then how they explained why they did it that certain way.  This activity would be really good for pretty much any age, especially with people who may have troubles expressing there emotions regularly.  The telephone charades was also extremely fun and it provided a way for us to have fun with each other and let go of some stresses.  I also think this would be appropriate for any ages but obviously the scenes would have to be age appropriate.  Making the hula hoops was a really fun and creative thing to do.  Most people like to hula hoop but making our own hoops really added to the fun of the activity.  This would be great for kids and it is also a form of exercise! That's a double bonus!

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