Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/7 - Hand Art

I really enjoyed last weeks class where we painted our hands.  It was fun to come up with an idea as a group and then see our ideas come to life.  This would be an awesome activity to do with people of different populations.  As a young child with some form of autism, the feeling of the paint on their hands would be a good stimulus for them as well as the different types of brushes.  This could also be used with people of an older population who maybe used to enjoy painting or still do enjoy it.  They don't necessarily have to paint their own hands, the facilitator could help in painting or simply do all of it.  Some things to consider would definitely be the fact that maybe some people wouldn't want their entire hands painted or maybe the dried paint would feel somewhat uncomfortable to them.  Coming from personal experience, the feeling of the paint going on my hand was much more fulfilling than the feeling of having the dried paint on my hands.  Overall, I really enjoyed this activity and I think it can be used with almost every population using different techniques for each.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

9/30 - Tape Art

Last week we tried a whole new thing for me in class.  We watched a couple videos relating to the "art" of making things using simply clear tape.  At first I was pretty sceptical about doing this, and our group had a hard time getting our ideas to transform into reality.  This wasn't my favorite thing I've ever done, but it definitely was something new and interesting to keep in mind.  I think it would be hard for different populations to use this activity, but obviously it could be done with some adaptations!