Saturday, December 18, 2010

Innovative Activity #9

This may not count as an innovative activity but I believe it is because it provides insight for those with schizophrenia on how to deal with their anger.  In years past, I think this was a problem because there wasn't as much information available for anyone with a disability and how to live with their diagnosis.  This website gives examples of different activities such as exercise, keeping busy, and having a goal.  I think this is very innovative because there has been a lot of research in different disabilities and many helpful activities have been presented.

Innovative Activity #8

ADHD is a diagnosis that many people feel doesn't need to be treated with recreational therapy.  Many people simply go with the pharamacial approach.  I found a website that provides educational interventions and other behavioral treatments for children or adults with ADHD.  They describe different sensory games as well as different movement therapies.  I think this is really important because with this diagnosis the children are usually extremely hyper and sometimes just need to run around or get consumed in something just as different kinds of sensory games.

Innovative Activity #7

I came across a website that give different ideas for parents of autistic children.  It provides many beneficial games to play with autistic children at all different difficulty levels.  Also provides are helpful hints on how to teach language, conversation and words.  Some examples include using pictures to describe what you are trying to get across, also using one word phrases which will be easier to understand for children who are developing more slowly than others.  I think this website is awesome and very innovative because it allows parents to be interactive with their children whereas previously they might not have known how to interact with them.

Innovative Activity #6

I found an awesome website that can be very beneficial for amputees.  It gives many examples of amputees who participate in different sports as well as many different resources for prosthetics.  The website includes different sports such as basketball, volleyball, and also more extreme sports like windsurfing and mountain climbing.  It provides different associations that are specifically for amputees.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Innovative Activity #5

There are so many different things that we can make we duct tape!  I found a website that has over 65 articles all explaining different things to make.  Some that really stood out to me were a backpack, wallet, ipod cover, and shower curtain.  Now that I have been introduced to the colored duct tape I can definitely see how all of these would be something awesome to make.  I believe this website could be useful to any population of any age.  There are many things listed with directions to make, many appropriate for children while other are more appropriate for adults. 

Innovative Activity #4

Wheelchair skydiving is something that I never actually thought about being possible before receiving an email about it.  But quiet honestly in this day and age, people in wheelchairs are beginning to have equal recreational opportunities.  I found a short article written by a quadriplegic who also thought that skydiving would never be an option for him.  He explained the thrill of discovering the fact he could actually participate in this extreme sport.  He explained the whole process and the thrill of going tandem!  This is something that I believe not many people know about but it would be an excellent way for a thrill seeker to participate in this extreme sport.

Innovative Activity #3

I found a really important informational website about wheelchair exercises.  I believe working out is essential to maintain a healthy life and people in wheelchairs should be able to work out easily also.  The website gives different exercises that would be beneficial to the individual and also gives them helpful hints as to different exercises using their wheelchair as a resource.  For example, if an individual wants to use a resistance band, they can wrap the band behind their chair, put in under the arm rest, or even put it behind their legs.  All the different locations provides a different resistance and require the use of different muscles.  This website is very beneficial for anyone who is in a wheelchair and would like to begin or continue a work out routine. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Innovative Activity #2

I found a really interesting website promoting wheelchair water skiing.  The Patricia Neal Innovative Recreation water skiing program provides individuals in wheelchairs the opportunity to participate in this thrilling water sport.  The individual is first transferred from their own wheelchair into the water chair.  The chair in made out of metal but it has buoyant rubber wheels.  The individual then goes down the ramp and the chair always floats, so they really don't have to worry about sinking or "getting up".  Depending on the individuals comfort level, the boat may travel at a desired speed.  This sounds absolutely amazing and something that I would love participating in sometime in the near future. 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Innovative Activity #1

Recently I found out about "Miracle League Field" at the YMCA in Onalaska.  I can't believe I have never heard of this awesome program before this year.  Miracle League Field is a baseball field which is a cushioned synthetic turf and it eliminates barriers for wheelchair or walked users.  Their goal is to teach the children the fundamentals in baseball including catching, throwing, hitting, base running and fielding.  The program provides a way for children ages 4-18 a way to participate in baseball games along with just being an active member of the community.  They focus on assisting players with the development of their social skills, physical activity and self-confidence.  Since the field was created over 2,000 people have participated in the Miracle League from La Crosse and the surrounding areas.  I truly believe this is an awesome programs and it can really help children with disabilities receive opportunities for different leagues that they would have never gotten if it wasn't for the Miracle League Field. 

Long Activities

The long activities were one of my favorite things we have done all semester.  It is really fun to see peoples different ideas about what other people may enjoy.  The food art was really interesting because I have never participated in anything that was like that.  It was cool how they incorporated emotions into it too, which allowed many different interpretations of that emotion.  It was exciting to see how others sculpted or formed their fruits and vegetables into different thing and then how they explained why they did it that certain way.  This activity would be really good for pretty much any age, especially with people who may have troubles expressing there emotions regularly.  The telephone charades was also extremely fun and it provided a way for us to have fun with each other and let go of some stresses.  I also think this would be appropriate for any ages but obviously the scenes would have to be age appropriate.  Making the hula hoops was a really fun and creative thing to do.  Most people like to hula hoop but making our own hoops really added to the fun of the activity.  This would be great for kids and it is also a form of exercise! That's a double bonus!